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In this section, we have posted casinos that do not pay, are offering bad bonuses, and/or have ended up on one or more of the major online Blacklists.

Cool Cat Casino – Not so cool after all

In the gaming industry, there is a lot of dirt that the so-called “reputable” casinos sweep under the carpet. Take Cool Cat Casino for example. A Player of Cool Cat sent in the excerpt below asking us to publish it on our site as an eye opener to current and especially possible NEW Players who want to try their luck there. I really shouldn’t be surprised; I mean I’ve been privy to worse. But I still shake my head every time I read it.

Read below for the down and dirty on Cool Cat Casino.

“Don’t be fooled my fellow bettors. Cool Cat’s 1000% Bonus offer is nothing but a cheap trick to get you to sign up and play. Ok, I know what you’re saying, “All casinos do the same thing. It’s just a marketing gimmick”. While that might be true, the big difference is that you DON’T get paid when you win with this bonus at Cool Cat Casino. They don’t pay and I proved this first hand.

I registered an account on July 25th and deposited $100 right away. At this point, I am not going to reveal my username because I want to make sure I get paid before I make it public. When I made my initial deposit, I redeemed the Coupon Code, received the advertised $100, and played 4 slot games – Caesar’s Empire, Diamond Dozen, Funky Monkey, and Rain Dance.

Within 3 days, I won $1,200 and man was I excited! I decided to cash out the entire amount but guess what? I was told that I couldn’t cash out $200 of the winnings because that money WILL be used as an additional bonus towards my second purchase. I explained that I wouldn’t be depositing again until perhaps another month and would like to cash out the full amount. Again, I was told that this would not be possible and, if I chose not to deposit again, the $200 would be cancelled.

I was shocked. Surely this wasn’t fair I thought. I went to the Terms and Conditions on their site. It was vague and gave me no reassurances that I could possibly claim the money back. I spoke with a CS Agent via their Live Chat session but could get no reassurances there either. At this point, I was livid. I checked to make sure I had fulfilled the wagering requirement and cashed out my remaining balance via Click2Pay. Their website says that withdrawals can take 7 – 10 business days to be processed. This is longer than at any other Playtech or Microgaming casino where I’ve played. Nonetheless I waited; expecting to get my money around the 2nd week in August. More than 2 weeks later and I have STILL not been paid!

Of course, when I followed up I was blown off with the usual BS that there is a backlog with withdrawal requests and the Accounting department is working overtime to ensure that all the payments go out as soon as possible.

At this point, I doubt that I am going to get paid. I plan to wait until the end of the month. If I don’t get paid, I am blasting my experiences at Cool Cat on every blacklist casino portal I can find!

Whatever you do readers, DON’T dare play at Cool Cat Casino. You won’t be cool when you’re done – you’ll be hot with anger!”

— A very ANGRY and soon to be former member of Cool Cat Casino

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