UK Bookmakers suspend bets on Kate giving birth to twins

Will and Kate - are they expecting twins

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is pregnant again and of course as can be expected, as soon as the news broke, betting odds were released on a number of bets relating to the next royal birth. At the forefront was Kate having twins, but UK bookies have slashed these odds after a sudden surge in wagers, prompting fears that bettors had some kind of inside knowledge on the subject.

Betting on a double royal duo could now pay as little as 5:2 at some bookmakers while William Hill has suspended wagering pertaining to twins entirely after suddenly receiving 200 bets in just over an hour.

Coral and Ladbrokes reportedly also experienced a mysterious surge of bets and slashed odds from 20:1 to 8:1 while Paddy Power also cut its odds to a mere 5:2.

Interestingly, even after the odds were halved, a Hampshire based psychic placed a £500 wager on the twin birth bet.

All bookmakers report royal betting on twins being the source of the big money bets and with such a sudden surge in gambling on the subject, as well as a number of new accounts being created, owners admit to fearing that someone knows something they don’t.

Betting on Royal twins is not the only option on offer to punters, there are a number of special wagers available including betting on the sex of the baby as well as the name. The odds on the names are as follows:


Elizabeth: 7:2
Victoria: 12:1
Alexandra: 14:1
Catherine: 16:1
Diana: 20:1


James: 12:1
Philip: 14:1
Henry: 16:1
Alexander: 20:1
Charles: 20:1

There are also bets on who will be the god parents of the new addition/s with David Cameron and Boris Johnson at 50:1 outsiders for the role.

There are also odds on Royal triplets at a remote 100:1 – as a trio would be a history making royal first.

Bettors should still be wary of placing the twins bet though as odds were slashed in the Duchess’s first pregnancy, even though experts insisted that her age and the fact that she suffered from rare, severe morning sickness raised the odds of being pregnant with twins.

Multiple births have not been a common occurrence in British lineage with the last British Royal Twins being born in the 15th century when Queen Joan, wife of James 1 of Scotland giving birth to twin sons. The elder of the two Alexander was named heir to the throne but died early in life and after his father was killed, the younger twin James assumed the title of King James II of Scotland.

In other parts of the world, the Danish Crown Prince and Princess, Frederik and Mary were the proud parents of twins Josephine and Vincent who were born in 2011.

No matter what the outcome, we’re sure to see a number of bets being placed on the future Royal baby/babies. But if betting on these types of things is not your thing, you can still play your favourite casino games at William Hill Casino Club and have even better chances of winning!