Why you should Avoid Mini Roulette

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Land based and online casinos generally offer a few roulette variants to players and in recent years in an attempt to offer even greater variety, many of these have added Mini Roulette games to their standard European and American roulette offering.

While it’s common knowledge that American Roulette games have worse odds than their European Roulette counterpart, not many players are familiar enough with Mini Roulette to know exactly what kind of payouts they can expect from the game and many don’t realise that it is one that is best avoided if you’re playing to make a profit. So next time you’re tempted to deviate from the norm, remember that ultimately European Roulette is still your best bet at the casinos. Here’s why…

If you wager $100 on a straight-up bet in a European Roulette game, the odds dictate that you will win $3500 one out of 37 times, and you’ll lose $100 36/37 of the time. This means that your winning value will equate to $94.59 while your losing total will be $97.30, which means that on average you will lose around $2.70 on this wager. This means that the house edge on this wager is 2.7 percent which is quite low in comparison to bets on other casino games, especially because no special skills need to be learnt to play this exciting game.

When playing Mini Roulette with its 1-12 numbered table and single green zero, the same straight-up $100 wager discussed previously will give you a 1 in 13 chance of winning and earning yourself $1100 and a 12/13 chance of losing your $100 wager. This equates to a winning value of $84.62 and a losing value of $92.31, giving you an average loss of $7.69 thanks to the much higher 7.69% house edge. All bets on this table have the same considerably higher house advantage.

From the above discussion we can learn the following three things:

  1. You should always confirm the value of your bets and odds offered before playing a new game that you don’t know much about.
  2. Avoid playing Mini Roulette altogether
  3. If you want to play Roulette, always select the European Roulette game variant as this offers you the best odds of winning.

Even though it’s often nice to play a new game variant, it can be detrimental to your bankroll, so if you’re playing to win then follow the advice above.