Betting on East Enders a Hot Trend

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched Thursday the 19th’s episode: STOP READING!

East Enders is one of the UK’s highest rated and longest running soap operas, with the first episode being broadcast on the 19th of February 1985. It’s no wonder then that sportbooks and casinos like Betway have picked it up and begun to offer all kinds of odds relating to the storyline.

The most recent of these was around the storyline of who killed Lucy Beale – which, believe it or not, has taken almost a year to unfold! The surprising thing about this plot twist is that even the cast have not been told who it was and while East Enders is usually pre-recorded, the 30th anniversary episode, which aired last night on the 19th of February 2015.

With over 10 million viewers tuning in for the big reveal, these are what the odds looked like prior to Thursday’s episode:

East Enders Betting

And after a lengthy storyline, copious guessing and even fevered betting, Lucy’s younger sibling Bobby Beale was revealed as her murderer, giving those who wagered on him 8 to 1 returns.

One would think that that would pretty much be it for betting odds, but that assumption would just be wrong. And if you happened to have missed placing a wagering on the big “Who killed Lucy” plotline, you haven’t completely missed out as already offshoot odds are being offered by Betway and William Hill including who will be making a guest appearance in an upcoming episode, and the most intriguing of all…who will be killed next?

If East Enders isn’t your thing, Betway also offers a number of other betting specials, including which contestant will win the popular talent show The Voice and who will be the winning coach.

These types of specials are updated on a regular basis according to whatever is hot in pop culture events, TV series and more. It’s really a great change from standard online casino game play, so next time you’re in the mood to have something fun, head on over to Betway and place your bets!