Playing Deuces Wild Video Poker Successfully

Deuces Wild Video Poker is amongst the most difficult variants of the game to master at any online casino. The high level of difficulty of this game is due to the fact that players are required to learn the correct video poker strategies for a large number of possible scenarios that may emerge due to the sheer number of Wild Cards that come into play.

Many of these game play situations are counter-intuitive or exhibit subtle nuances that are not immediately apparent even if you’re a seasoned player. Here we’ll take a look at these nuances and use examples to examine the types of straight flush draws that you may encounter due to the wild cards, and how to effectively play these for maximum returns.

Let’s start out by examining situations where a single wild is present. If you are holding four cards to a straight flush and one of these is wild, the other three cards are what we’ll call stand-alone cards. These stand-alone cards and their relationships to one another will govern the type of draw you are presented with. If all three cards have consecutive ranks, and if all three have a value of five or higher then you’re holding what is termed a major straight flush draw. If your cards are of lower value then you’re holding a minor straight flush.

So if you’re holding a hand consisting of a Two of Clubs, Six of Diamonds, Seven of Diamonds, Eight of Diamonds, and an Ace of Clubs, all three of your stand-alone cards (6, 7 and 8) are of consecutive rank and are of a value higher than five, so you’ll be holding a major straight flush draw. On the other hand, if you were holding a two of Clubs, Five of Diamonds, Seven of Diamonds, Eight of Diamonds, and an Ace of Clubs, then due to the fact that your three stand-alone cards are not consecutive, you’ll hold what is termed a minor draw. Similarly, if you hold a Two of Clubs, Four of Diamonds, Five of Diamonds, Six of Diamonds and an Ace of Clubs, then you’ll still have a minor straight flush draw due to the fact that not of your three stand-alone cards are valued at five or higher.

Being able to make this distinction is essential to a successful game of video poker as you will need to be aware of these values when making a decision on one of two ways to play your hand.

For the sake of example, let’s say you are dealt a Two of Clubs, Seven of Spades, Five of Hearts, Six of Hearts and Seven of Hearts you will hold a major straight flush draw BUT you’ll also have three of a kind. So which way do you play your hand? The general guideline here is ensure that you retain three of a kind over the minor straight flush draw, BUT you should always ensure that you retain the major straight flush draw above the three of a kind. This is a very easy way to play what would generally be a very difficult scenario as it takes into account the subtle nuances that set his game apart from any other Video Poker variant.