Casino Loyalty memberships and VIP Clubs

Casino VIP

Most reputable online casinos offer players loyalty programs which reward you for playing at their casino on a continuous basis.  The majority of these programs work on the accumulation of “loyalty points” for regular game play which can be exchanged for casino cash to play with once they reach certain levels.  Other perks of these loyalty programs can range from exclusive promotions and invitations to “reserved” events to standard complimentary giveaways. 

Then there are the VIP levels of the program which are even more rewarding and can offer anything from regular comps, cash giveaways, trips, and tickets to all out red carpet treatment including a dedicated account manager or casino host.  The level that you are on in this tiered system all comes down to how much bet and how often you play at the casinos.

That said, we often get asked the question “Are loyalty and VIP programs really worth signing up for?”  The short answer is they are free and you don’t lose anything at all by doing so, but they are specifically designed to get players to spend more money at the casino and to retain their loyalty.  If you understand that and don’t get sucked into “competing” with others to be the most important VIP you’ll be just fine.   Plus, you’ll have the fun and excitement of enjoying some amazing promotions and incentives.  You just have to remember that these do come with a price and aren’t always entirely “free” as you’ll probably end up still putting money into the casino after the “freebie” offer is finished.

In general, players have access to a few benefits, and the more they spend, the more often you’ll be entitled to claim these:

  • Cashback offers – these are the standard comp or loyalty points that you rack up every time you play.  They are redeemable for casino cash (or chips) once they reach a certain level but generally cannot be cashed out.
  • Regular bonuses – casinos often send out promotional mailers to their loyalty members offering a variety of ongoing bonuses.  These are usually match deposit bonuses like you receive when you are a new player, just not as large due to the fact that they are offered more frequently.
  • Exclusive Specials – these are once off events or promotions that keep you coming back to the casino and can range from free chips to draws or the opportunity to play for high ticket items like cars, cruises and more.
  • Promotional events – these are usually “reserved” exclusively for loyalty members and can include things like slots, roulette, poker or blackjack tournaments where you pay a small fee and play for the big prizes.
  • Auction Points – A few venues like Jackpotcity casino award auction points as well as cash back points when you play their casino games.  Auction points accumulate and you can then use them to bid on auction items available at the casino such as iPods, ipads, holidays and occasionally cars.

And then of course there are the High Roller VIP Programs

Usually if you’re a member of these sought after clubs you spend huge amounts of money at the casinos.  As mentioned, some casinos offer all of the benefits of their standard casino loyalty programs but also throw in things like a dedicated account manager to cater to your every whim and if you’re very important (read: whale) then you’ll be able to ask for things like sporting and concert tickets, exclusive stays at difficult to get into hotels, reservations for the best restaurants in town…all on the house…well sort of.  In reality the money you’ve spent at the casinos pays for all of these “free benefits”.

There are a few tricks for aspiring VIP’s that can help you get noticed without having to break the bank though, these include:

1. Play often and slowly.  You don’t have to bet large amounts, rather break your budget up into pieces and visit more often.
2. Refer your friends to the casino – this will make you more of an asset for the casino and they will reward you for it.
3. Be friendly to the casino staff you have contact with, the more relationships you have and goodwill you build up the better.
4. Play in any tournaments offered, they are usually the cheapest way to appear active at the casino.
5. Use all of the offers in your loyalty mailers and of any comps extended by the casino, they offer discounts that help you get your activity levels up while spending less.

Always keep in mind that loyalty programs encourage you to play and spend more, that’s why they exist!  Play responsibly.