Evaluating Online Casino Tournaments

Online Casino Tournaments

Online Casino Tournaments have become more prevalent and popular in recent times, largely due to the fact that players are able to play in these, competing against others in a more social environment that usual gambling for a limited investment.  There are therefore a number of tournament options and formats to choose from and that can get confusing!

Evaluating tournaments will definitely depend on how serious you are about winning.  Obviously everyone likes to win but for some, the pure enjoyment of the tournament experience can outweigh not receiving a return on investment.  For others a return is an absolute must.  Most online tournaments require a buy-in or entry fee (which can be seen as the “investment”) that allows the player to play through only once but once the player is out of the tournament there is often the option to rebuy back into it and gain added chips by paying a fee.  The rebuy option is not mandatory and the total costs of this in one tournament will depend on how many times one would like to re-enter it.  In this situation the best thing for you to do is consider your wagering patterns carefully.  If you don’t rebuy, then the original buy in amount will remain the only investment but if you’ve indulged in re-buys you’ll have to add these to the total you’ve spent.

Next you will have to calculate your return.  While the prize pool does play a part in this equation, one has to bear in mind that tournament prize pools are generally shared amongst a number of winners.  Usually the larger the prize pools the more winners there are, so each player effectively gets a smaller prize than on limited tournaments.  Given this, prize pools aren’t the best indicators for evaluating returns.  More suitable indicators depend on your temperament.  If you are a risk taking aggressive player, you will see the prize paid to the top player on the tournament leader board as a return indicator.  You won’t really be concerned about the other positions in the tournament of a share of the prize pool, you’ll really just want to win.  If you’re of a more conservative nature you’ll probably see the average payout (the total prize pool divided by the number of winners sharing it) as more of a return indicator.  Either way, both factors will influence which is the best choice of tournament for you.

Obviously when it comes to return on investment, the larger the potential return in an online casino tournament the better it will be than others on offer.  But this is of course, not the only factor in play, the type of game and tournament period must also be considered as these will also affect the total “value” of the particular tournament for you.

For most, gambling and playing in casino tournaments is more about having some fun in their leisure time than making money, because if it’s all about making money, let’s face it, there are far better and safer ways than gambling to ensure returns.  So always play responsibly!  Put your newly found knoweledge to the test at Roxy Palace now.