Do Online Casinos Cheat Players?

Online Casino Cheating

This is probably one of the most burning questions in any persons mind prior to playing at an online casino.

Let’s face it, playing against software online that could potentially be rigged at a venue that is well, “virtual“, is not always a comforting thought and with the number of fraud and scams we hear about across the internet, it’s all really enough to keep you from ever trying a casino online at all.

That said, we’re here to provide answers to the question of whether online casinos cheat players and if it really is safe to play at these establishments.

Can online casinos cheat?

The straight forward answer to this question is yes, online casinos could probably find ways to cheat you if they wanted to, just like you can be “cheated” in online banking, online shopping and in any aspect of life in general from gym memberships to insurance.

The point is that most online casinos don’t cheat players because they really don’t have to… just look at the odds at any casino over time and you’ll find that they make enough of a profit without having to stoop to criminal levels.

Also, with millions of people playing at online casinos across the world, if patterns emerged that could possibly substantiate cheating, someone would have published something on a player forum and the issue would have exploded across the internet. Just doing a simple Google search will show you blacklisted casinos to avoid due to anything from payment issues to bad customer service but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything supported by evidence that casinos are cheating players.

In fact, you’re probably at less of a risk of being exposed to cheating at online casinos where everything is managed by software than you are at a land based casino where a dodgy dealer may be cheating you.

What about Software Development Cheats?

There are many people who question the integrity of the software and whether developers install cheating mechanisms when manufacturing online casino games. While this may be possible, reputable casinos like those advertised on this site, have to ensure that Random Number Generators are installed on all games within the casino platform to ensure that all results and random and fair. These outcomes are then audited by independent auditing firms in order to ensure and confirm authenticity and fairness. Furthermore, casinos are subject to scrutiny by licensing bodies that act as industry watchdogs and also require the auditing and authentication of the casinos numbers and outcomes.

Also, leading casino software brands offer players a play check system that records all game outcomes and transactions which can be reviewed at any time. If certain games were “rigged” within the software, veteran players would probably pick it up sooner or later and be able to use these systems as proof and that kind of bad publicity would close any casino and even the software developer down permanently.

Both of the above are very important and relevant question when addressing the subject of cheating but there are two important things that you need to keep in mind:

Reputation is key

When it comes to the integrity of online casinos, reputation is a key factor. There are numerous casino review portals across the web, including this one that will give you as much information as possible on the casino you are considering. Yes, these portals do generate income from advertising casinos but most work on an affiliate commission which means that they want you to be as happy as possible with the casino they refer you to because if you aren’t they don’t earn money, so it’s in their best interest to send you to top quality venues that will look after you well.

From these reviews you should be able to get an idea of what the casino is like and you can also cross check this against player forum’s “rogue” or blacklisted casino lists to ensure that they do not appear here.

A reputable online casino will offer you state of the art software (developed by a leading software provider) and security for your safety. They will openly publish audit reports which you can verify with the independent company or body concerned and offer you customer support every step of the way to make your experience a pleasant one.

Testing your Perceptions

One may often get the feeling that one is losing more than in a land based casino when playing online but you have to be aware of two important things that may skew your perceptions:

  1. Time: Even though you are able to play at your own pace at online casino, the usual “admin” in between games is not present as it is in a land based casino. You don’t have to wait for dealers to do their job, other players to place their bets etc. So you are able to fit much more game play into a space of time online than you would at a brick and mortar casino. This means that you may feel like you are losing more often but the reality is that the odds and probabilities are the same, if not better than in land based venues, the thing that is throwing you off is the elapsed time and number of games you are fitting into it.
  2. Playing Solo: When playing alone at an online casino you only see your results whereas in land based casinos you’ll see those of other players and even the dealer, making you “feel” like people are winning even if you aren’t and that the casino does actually sustain losses. This factor can also skew your perceptions as to the fairness of a casino and if it has, then check out the payout reports which are audited or play in a multi-player game and you’ll soon see a different side of the coin again.

So in conclusion, online casinos do not cheat players?

You can rest assured that the reputable casino brands don’t cheat players. They have too much riding on the success of their businesses as a whole and even the smallest issues in this highly competitive market can lead to failure and sudden death of the entire organisation. As any industry insider will tell you, with the enormous profits involved in online gambling services, why would any company in their right mind risk cheating?