Are Online Casinos Safer Than Land Based Ones?

Casino Security

There are many people who play at both online casinos and brick and mortar ones and then there are those who play exclusively online. For some the decision to play online is due to practical reasons like the fact that they are located at great distances from land based casinos while others choose to play online as they feel that there is less risk involved in doing so.

While brick and mortar casinos have tight, state-of-the-art security, it is not always possible to ensure that every one of their patrons is honest and casino robberies as well as more petty pickpocketing do occur, the latter is especially prevalent in crowded rooms and because most casino players carry cash or chips around in their pockets, they are easy pickings. Also, winners can be spotted and targeted when leaving the casino with their jackpot cash.

When gambling online however, you are doing so in the comfort of your own home and you can simply focus on enjoying your game without worrying about keeping an eye out for less than savoury characters with ill intent. You can also simply play online funding your account by credit card or eWallet without needing to have cash on hand. Also, should you win a considerable sum of money, the cash is transferred directly into your bank account, credit card or eWallet upon cashout without you needing to carry large sums of cash, further reducing the risk of robbery.

There is also no risk of being cheated by the dealers at the tables or by other players because every game at trustworthy online casinos is governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures that all results are random. These results are also independantly auditedand the findings are published online on a regular basis.

This being said though, there is still a certain amount of risk involved in playing online if you are not vigilant and due to this fact, you should always ensure that you only play at reputable online casinos like Ruby Fortune Casino. This means that the online casino in question should be licensed and offer encrypted transfers and transactions to keep your data confidential, have a record of free and fair game play, are renowned for swift, hassle free payouts and are audited by an independant, reputable company on a regular basis. In order to avoid rogue operations, you should avoid any online casinos on casino review sites blacklists.

From the above it is evident that both online casinos and land based venues do carry certain amounts of risk when playing, however, all things considered, online casinos definitely seem like the safer option.