Closing Your Casino Player Account

Player Account Closed

Recently there has been a great deal of activity on the player forums regarding the closure of player accounts and how at some online casinos doing so seems like an impossible task.

One of the main culprits who are non-responsive to player’s requests to close accounts is Red Flush Casino. It seems that this casino is so desperate to keep players that request for account closure are met with bonus offers, which if you were a problem gambler could be detrimental to your financial and mental health.

These types of practices are not altogether uncommon though and many accredited casinos are slower at closing accounts than others. Then again there are some like Spin Palace Online Casino that will close your account upon request, no questions asked…it all depends where you choose to play.

But what should you do if you genuinely wish for a casino to close your account, especially for those that don’t just do this easily? Follow these few easy steps:

  1. Inform the casino in writing via e-mail of your wish to have your player account close, including your player details such as your name, last name, and player account number (they will never need your passwords so don’t supply these).
  2. Give a definite reason for wanting to close your account eg. You have a gambling addiction. Using reasons like “I am not winning enough” may not be enough for some casinos to take your request seriously.
  3. Follow up on your mail with a call to customer support to confirm in person that you wish to close your account and in order to verify that they have received your mail. Do not let friendly staff convince you to change your mind.
  4. If you are offered bonus offers in return, do not accept them.
  5. Do not attempt to login to your player account on a regular basis – online casino software tracks everything and player retention specialists may see your attempts to login as you wishing to withdraw your closure request.
  6. Uninstall the software from your PC, laptop or mobile device.

It is always advisable to search casino players’ forums and casino review sites like in order to ascertain which casinos players are having problems with before you start playing as this can save you time and the inconvenience of having to deal with unresponsive online casinos.