RTG Casinos Return to Players rates differ

The fact that RTG powered casinos sometimes have extraordinarily low payouts has long been a discussion point at various player forums across the web. The low payout rates were however thought to be reserved for land based RTG powered slots and casino games but it seems that many suspect that the low payouts have also been put into place by RTG powered online casino operators too. The fact that the latter applies to online casinos is a ridiculous notion, given the fact that they have nowhere near the overheads of their land based counterparts.

These suspicions were further aroused when players discovered that the popular Fruit Frenzy Slot featured two pear symbols, side by side on the same reel…a very unusual display and one that some believed indicated that a casino was running settings for minimum payouts on the game:

Fruit Frenzy

This unusual phenomena was not seen at all RTG casinos, but was encountered at more than one which seemed to indicate that things differed from one RTG casino to the next when it came to returns to players and so the debate continued but no real proof was ever offered as the RTG casino operators refused to release the Return to Player (RTP) information for their games.

Recently however, we spotted an interesting thread in the casino player forums where it was proven the speculation that returns to players on the same game differ from one RTG casino to the next.

Unlike in online slots games, Keno functions on the same principles as other card games which have mandatory fixed odds. From a casino’s point of view it is unethical and illegal to change the odds and also almost impossible as they operate Random Number Generators which are audited by external bodies and accounting firms to ensure that “randomness” is guaranteed. In order to get around this some RTG casinos have changed the payout amounts instead. This is clearly demonstrated in a side-by-side comparison of the same Keno Game at different casinos:



As you can see payouts on the one are slightly different from the other, but of course as a player this can make a huge difference to your bankroll.

While differing payout rates do not fall in the unethical realm it is important that as a player you keep in mind that RTG casinos Return To Player Ratios differ from one to another so it is advisable to look for the best one before playing too much.

We have done some research and found iNetBet to be amongst the best RTG powered online casinos with a Payout Rate of 95% while others like Intertops casino are well below 95%.

So if you’re an RTG fan, make sure you check on the Return To Player and Payouts before you play OR look around and compare others to your favourite RTG and you may just find that their offering is better.