Royal Baby Betting Results

Royal Baby

Betting on every aspect surrounding the Royal Baby began upon the announcement that Kate and William where expecting their first child, with bookmakers offering odds on everything from the future heir’s sex to its name and everything in between.

According to CNN, British bookmakers have enjoyed a massive financial windfall as a result of royal baby related bets, racking up over £1.2 million in bets as punters clamoured to get in on the action before the baby was even born! According to William Hill spokesperson Joe Crilly, at £350,000 the company had already far exceeded the figures they had originally anticipated.

Throughout Kate’s pregnancy, punters bets favoured the sex of the baby as female by overwhelming odds, so when the Duchess delivered a son on the 22nd of July, bookmakers everywhere popped the champagne corks in more than just a celebration of the future king’s birth.

However, even once Kate and the new prince left St Mary’s hospital betting continued at a frenzied pace in anticipation of the Royal Baby’s name announcement with 3:1 odds being offered on George as the favourite followed by James at 5:1, Alexander at 9:1, and Louis at 12:1. Long odds bets on names like Philip at 20:1, Edward at 25:1, Francis at 28:1, and David at 33:1 also received attention and wagers from people across the globe.

Now that the baby’s name has been revealed as Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, the tables have turned and punters are celebrating some impressive wins, with a leading bookmaker reportedly paying out six figure sums to lucky winners. While this sum is quite considerable, it will be considerably less of a blow given the profits garnered from all other bets pertaining to the Royal Baby.

And don’t bet on it all being over now that the baby has arrived. Gamblers are already making bets on his future including what will be if his first word (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is offered at 500:1 in case you were wondering ;-), but you may also bet on his future career, and even how old he will be when he visits his first night club. It seems as though his life will be filled with infinite possibilities and betting action at every turn, which just goes to show that if people are interested in putting money on something, the bookies will offer it!