Re-buys in Online Casino Tournaments


If you a fan of online casino tournaments you will know that many tournament formats offer a re-buy option. This is very useful if you use up your initial chips early in the tournament and wish to keep playing. Re-buys are offered in both Freeroll and tournaments with entry fees.

We do however get regular enquiries from online casino tournament players who question when to make use of the re-buy option and when to simply retire from the tournament altogether. This is a very important decision and one that doesn’t have one straight forward or easy answer, so it does warrant some discussion.

Online Casinos generally set limits on the number of re-buys that players may purchase during the course of a particular tournament. These however are very rarely ever used in their entirety by players.

When making the decision as to whether you should make use of the re-buy option or not, you need to consider the bigger picture in order to ascertain whether or not a re-buy would be a good move for you in specific online casino tournament formats as well as your preferred online casino tournament strategy.

There are times when you will play in a Freeroll tournament and only make us of the free chip stack offered and not need to exercise the re-buy option. At other times however, if you are doing well but are just falling short of the leaderboard but are quickly running out of chips, it is advisable to use the re-buy option to stay in the tournament and ensure your place in the winning positions in order to be in line for some amazing prizes.

You will also need to consider your bankroll and base your re-buy decisions on the quantity of funds that you have set aside for gambling in particular session. If you have sufficient funds available then buy-ins are an option if as mentioned previously you are in a good standing on the tournament log.

The size of the prize pool will also determine whether or not it is worth exercising the re-buy option is a good idea or not. If you are playing in a tournament with generous prizes then it can be worth investing additional finances if once again you are already in a good standing with a shot at the leaderboard in sight when your chips run out. If however the prize pool is small, you need to calculate whether or not a re-buy is in your best financial interests, after all, you want to try to win more than you lose!

If you are already listed on the tournament leaderboard when your chips run out it is best to not use the re-buy option because additional play can mean both winning or losing points which could affect your standing. If however there is still a long time left in the tournament other players could overtake you and you’ll need to monitor the situation to determine whether or not to re-buy.