Men vs. Women – Who are the better gamblers?

Gambling battle of the sexes

The battle of the sexes is as old as time with experts debating on whether men and women are better than or equal to one another in a variety of pursuits from driving to weight loss. There are often highly publicized arguments on which sex is better when it comes to everything from performance to endurance and studies often show that the sexes are very different when it comes to these factors during certain activities.

While some studies have shown that men and women usually play different casino games, discussions very seldom turn to which sex is better at gambling. This is actually a very interesting topic and many people generally stereotypically assume that men are superior at gambling than women, but the truth may shock you.

Gambling Stereotypes

Both men and women enjoy gambling and looking at casino stats, the number of both sexes doing so at online casinos is pretty evenly matched. Stereotypes however hold that gambling is a generally male pursuit and as such they are better at playing casino games than women, simply because they do it more. This stereotype however is a rather old fashioned one which comes from decades ago where men frequented land based casinos more often than women. Modern times however see more women entering the gambling arena than ever before and challenging this commonly held stereotype.

Another stereotype which operates along similar lines is that men are far superior to women when it comes to table games because women don’t play them. While studies do show that women usually prefer to play slots, video poker and bingo, there is no hard and fast rule and there are women who love to play blackjack, roulette and poker.

Yet another stereotype holds that women can’t effectively manage their bankroll like men can because they are not used to doing this as often as men. In modern times, women are just as exposed to handling finances and as such these skills translate well into their casino game play.

Researchers have discovered that all of the above stereotypes are very narrow minded and often untrue in today’s casino world. Let’s take a look at the findings that support this statement.

Harvard Gambling Study

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School were interested in which sex actually is the fairer one when it comes to playing at casinos and as such a large study involving 40,499 subjects was undertaken. The author of the study Richard LaBrie and his team of researchers from across the globe funded men and women with a predetermined bankroll to wager on various casino games. Once all trials were complete LaBrie and his team determined that women exhibited more effective sports gambling behaviour than their male counterparts.

According to results, women were more aggressive than men when it came to high stakes betting, risking on average 15 Euros more than men and achieving 15% more of their bankroll than their male counterparts during the time period allocated. Interesting, women also earned 15% more money which dispelled most of the commonly held gambling stereotypes.

The Reality

Modern times mean women are gambling just as much as men and while they may prefer slots and video poker, there are many women who enjoy table games and play them exceptionally well. If you go on the Harvard study results, women are exceeding male gamblers in managing their bankrolls and being very successful at winning money while playing.

All of the knowledge women have gained through playing more frequently at both land based and online casinos is definitely paying off and proving that they can be just as good, if not better than men at playing casino games. We’re sure to see a number of studies on this topic in future but for now, research suggests that women definitely win the bragging rights as the most skilled casino players.