What Kind of Gambler are you?


Gambling is an entertaining pastime that is all about having fun for most people, and it starts out this way for all of us. There are few things better than enjoying your favourite casino game with the potential to win some handsome rewards.

For some people however, gambling addiction is a very real reality and like any other addiction it is difficult to tell whether you will succumb to it or not. There is however a way to determine whether or not you could be at risk by finding out what kind of gambler you are.

Here we take a look at the various types of gamblers and their personality traits and behaviours, so read below to find out which category you or those you care about fall into and the steps that you can take in order to ensure that your casino play remains safe and responsible at all times.

The Casual or Social Gambler

Casual or social gamblers play at casino for recreational purposes and view gambling as an entertaining pastime. They set aside a budget for gambling and stick to it and never let their gambling get in the way of their family, social or work obligations. For the social gambler it’s all about having fun and if they win something while playing their favourite casino game, well that is just a nice bonus.

The Professional Gambler

Professional Gamblers are people who gamble seriously, take calculated risks and often make a good living out of gambling. They are often high rollers at casinos who spend a great deal of time mastering the game play, rules and strategies associated with their preferred casino games.

Professional gamblers take calculated risks and pay attention to bankroll management and length of game play more than any other gamblers. They are not addicts because they are too strategically minded and profit motivated to throw away good money after bad. They know when to play and when to quit ensuring maximum profitability at all times.

The Serious Social Gambler

These gamblers are a mixture of the two aforementioned profile types. They are serious about gambling and while they enjoy it, they are also focused on making a profit. They may spend a great deal of time gambling for relaxation and fun but the still do not let their gaming habits intrude on their work, social and family life.

The Escape Gambler

Escape gamblers find themselves feeling lonely, anxious, depressed or bored and resorting to gambling in order to pass time and forget about their problems or feelings. This can lead to gambling problems and huge losses that intensify the feelings they originally sought to avoid.

If you find that you often feel down and gamble to suppress these types of emotions, it may be time to seek the help of a psychologist before you need a gambling addiction counsellor.

The Antisocial Gambler

These gamblers have anti-social personality traits and try to take advantage of gaming in order to earn profits illegally. If you find yourself being drawn into horse and dog race fixing, or forms of gambling that are in any way illicit or causing you to think of ways to cheat people so that you can support your gambling habits, it may be time to seek help.

The Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive gamblers are people who no longer have control over their gambling behaviours. They often think they are in control but find that is difficult to keep from gambling and thinking about it even when they are supposed to be focused on something else. While many people believe that people choose to gamble, and they do, there is also evidence to support the notion that biological factors can influence gambling addiction, so if gambling addiction runs in your family, it is best to avoid gambling.

If you find that you are spending more than you should on gambling, have to borrow money to support your habit or are fighting with your family or spouse about your time spent at the casinos you may have a problem. If you feel the need to hide your gambling habit or steal to support it, this is a problem and you should seek help from a trained gambling addiction counsellor.