Two celebs, two different ways of winning at Blackjack

There are many celebrities who play blackjack from Sean “P Diddy” Combs to Prince Harry but not many of them can hold a candle to famous blackjack greats like Ben Affleck and Dana White who both have had some pretty amazing wins at casinos which have even had them banned from the tables at more than one casino in Las Vegas.

Interestingly though, these two celebs have earned their blackjack wins in very different ways which just goes to show that you should always play the game that is most suited to you. Here we look at both Affleck and White’s claims to fame at the blackjack tables and how they have turned their games into a success.

Ben Affleck Playing Blackjack

The Card Counter

Ben Affleck started out as part of an A-list poker ring that involved big names like Matt Damon (of course), Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire and as such he was a pretty famous gambler before he set his sights on the game of blackjack.

Nowadays though, every so often the media publishes a story on how Affleck has been banned from playing blackjack at some or other casino. The most recent of which is the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino where, accompanied by his equally famous wife Jennifer Garner, he proceeded to rake in a large sum of money in a high stakes blackjack game.

Reports state that Affleck was counting cards at the blackjack table and spreading his bets wildly which tipped Hard Rock casino security off to his methods and one of the staff members even commented to Affleck that he was “too good at this game“.

While card counting is perfectly legal, most casinos realize that if they allow card counters to play long enough they will lose money. As such, Affleck was asked to play other casino game and not return to the Hard Rock’s blackjack tables, although card counting was apparently never mentioned as the reason for this request.

It’s quite impressive that an A-list, Oscar winning actor and director who is not only good at poker has also had the discipline and mental fortitude to successful learn to count cards, adding just another weapon in his arsenal of money making ability in ways that seem like a whole lot of fun, even if casinos like the Hard Rock don’t approve.

Dana White

The Strategic Player

Dana White is best known for the management of the MMA organization, Ultimate Fighting Championship but it has recently emerged that this hard core fight boss is also a highly skilled blackjack player who is so good that the Palms Casino Resort even reduced his line of credit a few years ago because he was winning so much at their blackjack tables.

This lead to White refusing to play blackjack at the Palms for a few years until the Palms CEO Dan Lee sent White a $5k bottle of champagne earlier this year which prompted a renewed interest and subsequent visit to the casino from White. In the two and a half months following his return to play, White won a massive $2 million from the casino who subsequently reduced his wagering limit from $25k per hand to a conservative $5k per hand which of course has angered White yet again.

White reportedly told reporters that a lot of people think that he is a card counter like Ben Affleck but he in fact doesn’t count cards at all, instead he is a strategic blackjack player who plays according to proven blackjack strategy in order to win. He added that casinos no longer want to gamble and attributed that to the fact that they are now owned by huge corporations and hedge funds who just want to stack the odds against you until you won’t play. He concluded by saying that only Caesars Casino would let you play what and how you want to play without adjusting your limits. As such we’ll probably see White at Caesars from now on.

According to a piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal, White is a highly disciplined blackjack player who walks away when he wins early which does of course infuriate casino operators in these tight economic times. This in addition to learning solid blackjack strategy is a play that every player should take from White’s book.