Types of Slots where you should bet the Max

As a slots player you’ve probably heard that you should always bet the maximum coin size when playing slots in order to qualify for the jackpot or ensure that you receive the top payout if you’re lucky enough to hit the right symbols across the reels.

While this is true for some games, it is not the same for all. In fact, some slots don’t penalize players who wager less than the max on each spin so if you’re on a limited budget or want to extend your game play then you should always look out for these.

That said though, there are some slots where you should listen to popular advice and always bet the max. Here we’ll take a look at which three slots variants require this so that you can maximize payouts on your wins.

Major Progressive Jackpot Slots

When playing the major Progressive Jackpot slots with huge payouts like Funky Fruits and Major Millions you will definitely need to bet the maximum coin size. Both have paid out multi-millions to lucky online casino players over the years but you can’t be in line for these sums or the top payout percentages without betting the max. Another thing to keep in mind when playing these types of machines is that you have to play all paylines to win the jackpot. This can get pretty pricey quite quickly as you may need to play up to 20 paylines per spin, so ensure that you have the budget to spend when playing these games.

Progressive Slot Machines with Random Jackpots

If you’re on a tighter bankroll but still want the opportunity to win big, then progressive slots with random jackpots are good options. This is because with these games you can win big on any spin regardless of the amount that you are wagering per spin. Obviously the higher coin size you bet, the higher your chance of winning the random jackpots, but still it’s possible to hit them on lower coin denominations.

3 Reel Slot with variable jackpots

If you’re a player than likes to extend your game play by stretching your slots bankroll out then 3 reel slots are the best machines for you. It is important to be aware of the fact that these slots offer jackpots that increase progressively as you bet more coins. This is why you will often find machines offering a 1000, 2000 and 4000 coins.

The difference between jackpot prizes is determined by the number of coins you are wagering per spin. The difference comes when you bet either 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin respectively, with three coins putting you in line for the 4,000-coin jackpot. So if you’re going to play 3 reel slots like this, you might as well bet all of the coins because there’s more value here.