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What Research Reveals About UK Gamblers

UK gambling

Gambling is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes – from horse racing to playing casino games like blackjack and slots, at land based betting shops and on mobile and online casinos, you’ll find people of all ages and backgrounds indulging in placing their bets and enjoying the entertainment value that follows.

It’s no wonder then that research firms have gone to great lengths to examine this hobby and gain insights into the various aspects of it…and the findings. Here we’ll take a look at what the stats say about who is doing what, where and when, when it comes to the UK’s gambling activities. We’re sure you’ll be thoroughly surprised and entertained, even if you’re not really a numbers person.

Finding # 1: This is how the UK gambles

78% of the UK’s population enjoys gambling in one form or another. The top forms of betting are as follows:

  1. National Lottery
  2. Other Lotteries
  3. Scratch Cards
  4. Horse Racing bets (The Grand National is the biggest horse race betting attraction with £350 million in wagers each year and 500 million spectators across the globe)
  5. Slot machines

Finding #2 Women are better gamblers!

Not only do men and women play different casino games, UK men also gamble more than their female counterparts, with 75% of males participating in some form of betting, 71% of women indulge in gambling and generally win more in online casinos than men per wager by around 5%.

Finding #3: Marriage affects our Gambling Habits

According the findings of a number of surveys, people who are married or who have been married tend to gamble more.

Finding #4: Top 5 Places to Gamble

With new advancements in mobile technology we can play at mobile casinos from literally anywhere in the world as long as we have internet connectivity. These however are the top 5 places UK’s 20 million plus players gamble from:

  1. The living room (66%)
  2. The bedroom (45%)
  3. While commuting (33%)
  4. At Work (27%)
  5. The toilet (23%) – yes they admitted it 😉

Finding #5: The best and worst bettors

In terms of the amounts wagered versus the amounts won, London, Liverpool and Manchester have the country’s best players while Leicester, Sheffield and Newcastle have the worst.

Finding #6: Age Matters

The older you get the more likely you are to gamble but the younger you are the more likely you’ll gamble online, although the older age groups are catching up fast. Ultimately however, the 40 to 44 year old age demographic currently forms the most successful segment of gamblers.

Finding #7: The Top 3 Reasons to gamble

1. The chance of winning big (83%)
2. It’s fun (78%)
3. To make money (59%)

And there you have it – some pretty interesting information indeed! Do you want to be a part of the gambling action? Visit Titan Bet Casino now!

Macau Casinos – Were They a Good Bet?


Macau has been touted the East’s answer to Las Vegas, and has been Asia’s gambling mecca for decades and was originally owned and run by Chinese casino mogul Stanley Ho. Chinese regulators ended Ho’s exclusive monopoly in 2002, opening up the district to U.S investors. Soon casino giants like MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands entered the market, constructing resorts valued at billions of dollars and happily cashing in on the East’s gambling boom in the Macau Metropolis.

Attracting visitors from mainland China as well as the surrounding areas, Macau became the world’s largest gambling centre by 2006 thanks to the fact that it is the only area in China where gambling is legal, with casino’s contributing to around 80% of the territory’s revenues.

For over a decade Macau enjoyed exceptional growth in revenues, but flash forward to present day and the picture is a great deal different. Macau gaming revenues began to decline in June of 2014 and the sharpest declines have been seen in recent months, with gross gaming revenue falling by a significant 35.5% in August in comparison to the previous year, leaving many questioning whether the Las Vegas casino operators who entered the Macau market made a good bet after all.

Of course, these sentiments are being reflected in the stock markets with stock prices tumbling as the various casino groups show declines in gaming revenue and the losses have been great. Wynn Resorts shows the biggest losses at a whopping 63% and that with a $4.1 billion dollar construction of Wynn Palace on the Cotai Strip underway in Macau which is expected to open in the first half of 2016. Competitors Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts have also not gone unscathed reporting 38% and 34% losses respectively, and both also having multi-million dollar resort projects in the works.

wynn stocks

A number of factors account for the decline after over a decade of booming success, among these are an economic downturn in China which has led to the de-valuation of the Chinese Yaun, an aggressive crack-down by the Chinese government on money laundering and corruption, a reduction in visitors visas to Macau due to stricter regulations and to add insult to injury, a smoking ban levied on all Macau Casinos.

Approximately 70% of Macau’s visitors originate from mainland China and with a poor economic, weakened currency, governmental red tape to get through, as well as the restriction of smoking in the casinos, traffic to the area has been greatly reduced. Adding to these woes, the government’s anti-graft policy is targeted at the upper echelons of the mass market which means the number of casino high rolling VIP’s which flock to the mecca to play high value slots and table games, and account for $44 billion in revenues for Macau casinos have declined.

However it’s not all doom and gloom and while the government’s actions have affected casinos in the short term, they are making efforts to invest heavily in Macau’s infrastructure, stating that while they want to support growth, they also want to clean up the industry, eliminating underground operations and corruption while emulating a Las Vegas model which is not only gambling related but also offers and entertainment destination for families.

The key players in the industry have followed suit with this notion, diversifying their offering into retail, hotels and entertainment with more non-gambling features being added to entice middle income earners and families to the area. While this group may not be as profitable as the casino VIP’s, they are expected to drive revenues, although given the cultural differences between the East and West, these revenues are not projected to match Las Vegas’ non-gambling revenues.

While it is unsure when Macau will return to positive growth, according to industry experts the intermediate and long term growth of the region remains a good prospect with analysts predicting a 10% long term growth rate once revenues settle back to their long term trends.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot hit

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot
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For those of you following the Mega Moolah Progressive jackpot which is currently closing in on the 11 million, seeing this headline may have made your heart skip a beat but do not fret, it’s not the Mega Moolah Jackpot that has been hit but rather the Major Millions Jackpot.

The €1,166,534 jackpot was hit on Monday the 31st of August 2015 by a player known as Eric D at Roxy Palace Online Casino which has recently been acquired by 32 Red. While the casino is yet to release all the details in an official statement, they have announced the winners name and the jackpot sum.

The Major Millions slot is available in both a 3 reel classic slot or 15 payline format and has a cartoon-like military theme with a base jackpot total of $250,000 – so any win on this machine is a relatively big one and the jackpot has an equal chance of being won on either format so players can really select the game that they prefer.

While the Major Millions jackpot does not reach the staggering sums that Mega Moolah does, it still averages payouts of around $570k plus per win with wins occurring every 10 weeks or so and the highest recorded win totalling $1,801,598.

So if you’re in the mood to play a progressive jackpot slot that payouts out in smaller totals more often, then this machine may be for you. If not, you can always go for the big multi-million win on Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot.