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Microgaming licenses Tarzan

Tarzan Logo

Hot on the heels of “The Legend of Tarzan” movie release, Microgaming has announced that it has signed an agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. which gives the software giant the exclusive rights to the Tarzan™ name for use in online slots.

And with all of the hype surrounding the feature film, the timing could not be better for Microgaming, although Tarzan has been entertaining generations since the release of Burroughs first Tarzan of the Apes novel in 1912. With no less than 29 different actors portraying the role of the jungle hero in movies since 1918, Tarzan has also been the subject of numerous comic strips, TV series and two Broadway stage productions. And thanks to Microgaming, he’ll soon be appearing in online and mobile slots formats at your favourite Microgaming powered casino like Betway!

The Tarzan slot is due for release towards the end of 2016 and sneak previews reveal Tarzan taking centre stage in the game while alongside him you’ll find Jane, Archimedes and of course, all of the wild jungle creatures that have helped to make this character a legend over the years. There’s just so much potential in this license that it’s hard to contain one’s excitement!

CEO of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever shares the sentiment, stating that Tarzan is a globally recognised, timeless character and that the company is excited to be launching the Tarzan slot. He added that the talented Microgaming software development and game design team has relished working with a new brand and designing a game that celebrates and embraces the essence of Tarzan. Having seen the game prototype, Raatgever promises that Tarzan fans will not be disappointed.

James Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. agreed, stating that the company couldn’t be more pleased than to license Tarzan™ and his friends to a quality company like Microgaming. He added that Microgaming’s extensive experience in developing online slot games served as assurance that the new slot would attract many fans and players to the game from across the globe.

So if you’re a Tarzan fan, watch this space for more details of the upcoming release!

Wondering which Roulette Game to Play?

European Roulette Wheel

Playing Roulette at online casinos can be an intimidating feat due to the sheer number of variations that there are to choose from.

Each variant has its own game play structure and rules, some of which work to the casino’s advantage and others to yours. So it’s really important to know these things before you play.

With that in mind we’ve put together an article especially for you on things to consider when choosing between American and European Roulette. It’s definitely worth your time and could end up saving you money and increasing your returns!

Happy Gambling!

Betway the official betting partner of 5 German football clubs

The past few months have seen football fever reaching its peak at online and mobile casinos as the Euro Cup 2016 football tournament takes place and a variety of games and promotions have been released to commemorate it.

Now, online sports betting and online casino operator Betway has announced a strategic partnership with five Bundesliga 2 clubs, which means there’s sure to be more football action to come in the months to follow.

The new agreement with the 5 German clubs including Dynamo Dresden, Eintracht Braunschweig, Karlsruher SC, St Pauli and Union Berlin will see Betway as the official betting partner ahead of the new football season starting in August 2016.

Under the deal Betway will receive in-stadium branding at all five clubs for three years as well as hospitality tickets to each game, which, if we know Betway Casino will be given away as prizes in their ongoing casino promotions in the months to come.

Betway’s Anthony Werkman commented that Bundesliga is one of the most avidly followed football leagues in the world and that Betway was pleased to have signed agreements with the five clubs boasting a rich heritage and history in German and European football. Betway adds these clubs to its sponsorship of England’s West Ham United.

And if you can’t get enough football action, you’ll find a variety of Microgaming powered football themed slots including Football Star and Shoot! and be sure to check out our winning slots tips before you play.

Brexit Betting Results

Brexit Bets

Betting on the outcome of the Brexit vote which took place last week broke the record for non-sporting events, with gamblers wagering in excess of £120 million and ushering in political betting as an exciting new and potentially lucrative market.

The result of course was rather shocking to most and left some bookmakers celebrating huge profits, while others mourned heavy losses. Here we’ll take a look at how, in addition to changing the world as we know it, affected the bookmakers who offered odds on this political event.

The Betfair exchange accepted close to £80 million while other bookmakers raked in around £40 million in Brexit wagers. Of course, the bookies incorrectly called the result as “stay” and like the pollsters and experts, got it horribly wrong.

Of all the bookmakers, William Hill was the hardest hit in terms of losses. After accepting £3 million in wagers, the company ended up with a net loss of £400,000 when the results were announced on Friday last week. According to William Hill’s media relations director Graham Sharpe, “Very few saw this coming“. He added that more punters must have backed “leave” at William Hill than other bookmakers offering the same bet.

The numbers support Sharpe’s statement. At William Hill, 68 percent of the money wagered was on remain, but 69 percent of the individual bets were on “leave”.

On the other hand, at Ladbrokes the average wager in the Brexit market was £400 to “remain” and just £70 to leave, which heavily skewed the odds in favour of the general prediction that the UK would remain within the EU.

Ladbrokes’ head of political betting, Matthew Shaddick explained that even though the majority of gamblers in the market were wagering on “leave”, this didn’t affect the prices, he added that the amounts of money wagered are what count, with a single £10,000 wager counting the same as 10,000 individual bets valued at £1 each.

Ladbrokes reportedly earned a six figure profit on the market despite calling the Brexit result incorrectly. The company attributes this to smaller payouts being made to successful gamblers, as the majority of players who wagered on “leave” did not bet large values.

Betfred reportedly accepted over £1 million in Brexit bets, and earned a small profit on the market, which it described. Still it describes the outcome as “the biggest ever shock in political betting”, especially after all of the big money was on “remain”.

Coral also took £1 million in wagers but balanced its book in such a way that it would have made profit on either of the referendum’s outcomes.

As you can see from the above, the Brexit result took the betting industry as much by surprise as it did the rest of the world and this shows that the commonly held believe that public sentiment is a reliable indicator, is a flawed principle when it comes to betting.

Yet bookmakers seem unperturbed. As Shaddick from Ladrokes noted, bookies do not offer odds on political events to help people forecast the results, they do it to turn a profit or at least not lose much. He added, “Nobody at Ladbrokes’ HQ will be criticising the predictive powers of our odds, they’ll be looking at the money we made“.

Bookmakers weren’t the only ones surprised and left reeling after the Brexit vote, some rather noteworthy financial magnates like George Soros were too.

George Soros, a hedge fund boss and veritable gambling legend earned his place in the gambling hall of fame, being dubbed “The man who broke the Bank of England” when he bet that the Pound Sterling would fall in 1992.

Soros short-sold more than £7.6 billion in currency at the time, which meant that if his prediction was correct, he’d make money when the Pound’s value fell. The bet paid off and when the UK fell out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and consequently the value of the Pound fell, Soros walked away with a profit of £760 million.

Soros hoped to repeat his good fortune over two decades later on the Brexit vote, but he failed to repeat the feat this time around. According to a spokesperson for Soros, like most prudent investors, Soros put his money on the UK voting to remain part of the EU, and predicted that the Pound would rise as a result. Unfortunately the vote didn’t go the way of the general sentiment but according to sources, Soros’ generally bearish outlook on the markets afforded him profits on other investments.

Soros, now aged 85, warned that the British economy and people stand to suffer significantly in the short to medium term due to the decision to leave the EU. He added that the disintegration of the EU was practically irreversible.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah makes another Millionaire

Mega Moolah Winner June 2016
Will you be the next winner? Play Mega Moolah now!

It’s official! Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Slot has made the second millionaire for the year, paying out at a massive NZ $10,144,395.82 (£4,926,878.99)!

The lucky millionaire is Rawiri Pou, a 27 year old fast food worker who played Mega Moolah and won the life changing sum on the 17th of June 2016. The win came after Pou deposited $250 at the casino and won NZ$1,500 and decided to use these winnings to extend his game play for a shot at the mega-win on the Mega Moolah slot.

Pou is reportedly still coming to terms with the idea of his newfound wealth which, as with all Microgaming progressive jackpots, will be paid out to him in a single lump sum. At present he has no immediate plans to stop working, but that might change once the money is safely in his bank account.

Unfortunately, unlike the other Mega Moolah winners, Pou’s win does not come without complications as the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs is reportedly looking into the matter deeming the multi-million win “suspicious” after receiving notification from the Problem Gambling Foundation.

The Problem Gambling Foundation believes that it is illegal to promote international casino sites in New Zealand and has warned local players to be cautious when playing online. The online casino where the win took place is licensed in Malta, and the Problem Gambling Foundation’s Andree Froude said that the foundation expressed concern that it’s not legal to promote online casinos in New Zealand and turned the matter over to the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) for investigation.

She incorrectly added that online gambling is unregulated and there are many scams associated with it and so they wanted to warn people to be very cautious.

According to local reports, the DIA has responded to media queries on the matter by saying that the casino in question had not been brought to the Department’s attention, but based on reports of other large “wins” that were in fact lottery scams, the win is being investigated as “suspicious”.

How lottery wins and a legitimate Microgaming jackpot win have anything to do with one another is a mystery and time will tell how the matter plays out. Let’s just hope that Pou is allowed to keep his massive win.

Why you can’t always gamble from anywhere in the world

Betway Mobile Casino
Betway Online Casino
allows you to play from anywhere
in the world provided your sim is registered in a country
where online gambling is legal

Advancements in wireless, internet and mobile technologies in recent years have made online gambling more accessible and convenient than ever before.

You can literally play at your favourite online or mobile casino from anywhere in the world on your laptop, mobile or tablet device…in theory that is.

The reality is that although the technology supports online and mobile game play from any location, laws do not. For example, in the UK you can happily play your favourite online casino games at a number of reputable, licensed online and mobile casinos. Journey to Spain for your annual holiday and you may just have a problem.

Due to the fact that online gambling has not been legalised and regulated in some parts of Europe and most of the US, you’ll find that the majority of providers will not even allow you to login to your existing casino account from these locations. Return home and you’ll have full access once again.

At some online casinos you’ll be able to get around this frustrating “lockout” by simply using your UK Sim card to access the casino apps, as this will give you a UK based IP address. This works at online casinos like Betway (just another reason to sign-up and play at Betway Casino).

Other apps, like the one offered by Betsafe however, geo-target based on your phone’s geo-location, rather than the IP, and in these cases even with a UK sim you will still not be able to access your account until you return home.

In these instances, even contacting customer support will not gain you access to the casinos, as they and you have to comply with the laws of the country you are visiting for the duration of your stay.

So while we can in theory enjoy our favourite pastime anywhere in the world, the reality is that it’s not always possible. Will the laws of every country ever catch up to the UK and allow for legalisation and regulation of online gambling, which actually makes each country richer in terms of tax money earned from online casino operators… we guess only time will tell.

Is watching others play Casino Games your idea of fun?

twitch stream
An example of streaming gaming via Twitch stream.

Online gaming has become such a successful phenomenon over the past few years that it has given birth to a whole new form of entertainment – watching others play games via streaming technology. While this may sound a little crazy to non-gamers, it is a very real trend that is catching on at a rapid rate and leading new technology innovation as it does so.

One only has to look at the PlayStation 4’s streaming function that allows the user to share footage of themselves with other console users as they play. In terms of gambling, online poker was the first casino game to be televised and streamed during the World Series of Poker events which have earned the game a cult fan following of viewers. This has since been followed by eSports and online casino game action.

While gaming was once regarded as anti-social behaviour and gamers were thought of as lonely individuals who sat alone every night playing games, hardly interacting with another soul, online streaming is making it a very social pastime, with many streamers interacting with their viewers via live chat as they play as well as on social media and forums. In fact a recent study has shown that shy individuals are more likely to form friendships through online gaming and social media interaction because these formats eliminate the difficulties some face in social situations.

Twitch is a popular choice of streaming platform for many gamers of all genres and boasts a 60 million strong audience each month. The site allows its users to post videos of their gaming sessions (everything from console to casino games) and allow others to watch as a form of entertainment or to preview or pick up tips on playing a particular game.

Some of the professional poker players and even casino affiliates and operators are publishing polished, informative content with a business angle and are attracting massive followings but many publishers are purely players, sharing their experiences for pure enjoyment and the social benefit.

The added benefit of this form of entertainment is that while it may be creepy to lurk around watching people play casino games in land based casinos, especially when it comes to slot machines, the online streaming of these games means that you can enjoy all of the voyeuristic action you want without the weird factor!

Games like online slots are watched to experience games before playing them and also to check out any massive wins enjoyed by other players while online blackjack and roulette are viewed mostly by those looking to learn tips. The live chat and forums associated with streaming platforms allow players to interact with one another, sharing knowledge and advice as they play.

Of course, there are the critics who call producers of the content out for providing “fake” action where players don’t use their own money or play for free when demoing the latest online slot. There are also those who criticize the gamers lack of emotion or financial and odds credibility as they play. Then again there will always be haters.

Nevertheless, game streaming and viewership is clearly an emerging form of entertainment that looks set to expand and evolve as time progresses.

Betting on Brexit


Playing the financial markets like the game of blackjack is a skilled and calculated form of gambling. It is no wonder then that the UK’s major bookmakers include a number of financial and often political bets within their spreads.

One subject of debate in both the financial and gambling markets is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, also known as Brexit (British Exit). Various financial institutions are offering clients the option to insure against Brexit losses caused by currency depreciation should the UK take the decision to exit the European Union. According to financial experts, the Pound will drop approximately 20% to the Euro should the UK exit the EU. Furthermore economic decline and falling stock prices are also expected should the exit decision be made and along with these there are of course rumours of recession and war being whispered in certain circles.

For those invested in the markets, insurance options may not seem like such a bad idea in an attempt to hedge bets and cover any losses that may be incurred should the Brexit take place. Of course, this cover like any other form of insurance cover does come at a price. In deciding whether or not to take the option investors have to examine their portfolios in order to ascertain whether or not they can realistically weather such an event or not, without the aid of some type of insurance.

Brexit bettingBetting odds on Brexit are being offered by a number of the UK’s major bookies with betting and polls favouring the UK remaining in the EU

The financial industry is not the only party interested in the outcomes of Brexit. British bookmakers like Betfair are offering odds on Brexit too, with 15 million Pounds matched on the market to date. This means that as an investor instead of selling your British currency or buying stock put options, if you’re a true gambler, you could also spend your money at the bookies with the potential to earn 5.5 times the money back if the UK votes to leave the EU. Talk about an insurance policy!

The latest polls and betting options do however favour the Britons voting to “remain” in the EU come election time on June 23rd. In fact, Betfair punters are so convinced that the UK will remain a member of the EU that Remain odds are down to 1.21, the lowest price yet with Leave coming in at 5.5 in the most recent numbers. The polls are also in tune with the betting, with Ipsos MORI and ComRes both giving Remain leads of over 10% and YouGov’s latest echoing these sentiments.

Yet the issue remains a passionate point of debate with proponents from each side vigorously arguing their case. With just under a month to go until Britons return to the polls it will remain a very interesting topic to follow.

The end of Free Spins Promotions in the UK?

The UK was one of the first countries in the world to license and regulate online gambling. But that has meant that casino operators have been subject to a great deal of scrutiny and have had to comply with numerous legal obligations.

One of the most recent revisions of the UK’s gambling tax laws is the institution of the Point of Consumption tax for online gambling, and as the lawmakers are tightening the bonds in this area, the use of Free Spins as a promotional and loyalty reward for slots players may be a thing of the past…

This is due to the fact that Chancellor George Osborne stated in his speech earlier this year that from August 2017 online casino and bingo operators would be liable for tax on free play offers. This is being done in order to ensure the same level of compliance in online gambling that sportsbooks and the race betting industries are already subject to when it comes to discounted and/or free wagering under the General Betting Duty. This point was later confirmed in a budget document.

Implementing these changes is set to cost the UK government a considerable £20 million, but it will be money well spent if the projected tax revenue of £110 million in 5 years’ time comes to fruition.

These earnings do however depend on online casino licensees continuing to offer free spin promotions at the current level. This however is highly unlikely given the fact that they are already facing increased pressure to their bottom lines in complying with licensing and tax liabilities in the various markets, overheads which have been added in addition to their annual licensing fees paid to various software providers who power their casino games and platforms and staff costs in recent years.

Mega Moolah makes another Mobile Millionaire!

Mega Moolah Mobile Winner
Could you be the next Mega Moolah winner?
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The Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot slot has made another millionaire at Spin Palace Online Casino this month, after the last massive jackpot of over £13 million was won at its sister casino Betway last year.

Gary, who was playing on his mobile on Friday the 8th of April 2016 became an instant millionaire, bagging €3,744,513 of the £/€/$ 10 million that was up for grabs. As with all Microgaming powered online casino jackpots, this life-changing sum of money will be paid out in a single lump sum which is not always the case at other online casinos who often payout jackpots in instalment amounts over a period of years.

After Gary’s win, the jackpot reset to just over the 6 million mark instead of the usual default 1 million when the full jackpot has been won.

So it could hit again VERY soon and you could be the next winner at any time, whether you’re playing on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet device from anywhere in the world!

The Mega Moolah Slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline game that combines the excitement of an action packed online slot with a Wheel of Fortune type feature that awards one of 4 jackpots. The original games is an African Safari themed slot, but there are also 4 other variations of the game, each with their own theme that are also linked to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize. These include Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah 5 reel drive and Batman: The Dark Knight.

No matter which one you choose to play, you’ll be thoroughly entertained and who knows, you may get very lucky and have it change your life!