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Brexit Betting Results

Brexit Bets

Betting on the outcome of the Brexit vote which took place last week broke the record for non-sporting events, with gamblers wagering in excess of £120 million and ushering in political betting as an exciting new and potentially lucrative market.

The result of course was rather shocking to most and left some bookmakers celebrating huge profits, while others mourned heavy losses. Here we’ll take a look at how, in addition to changing the world as we know it, affected the bookmakers who offered odds on this political event.

The Betfair exchange accepted close to £80 million while other bookmakers raked in around £40 million in Brexit wagers. Of course, the bookies incorrectly called the result as “stay” and like the pollsters and experts, got it horribly wrong.

Of all the bookmakers, William Hill was the hardest hit in terms of losses. After accepting £3 million in wagers, the company ended up with a net loss of £400,000 when the results were announced on Friday last week. According to William Hill’s media relations director Graham Sharpe, “Very few saw this coming“. He added that more punters must have backed “leave” at William Hill than other bookmakers offering the same bet.

The numbers support Sharpe’s statement. At William Hill, 68 percent of the money wagered was on remain, but 69 percent of the individual bets were on “leave”.

On the other hand, at Ladbrokes the average wager in the Brexit market was £400 to “remain” and just £70 to leave, which heavily skewed the odds in favour of the general prediction that the UK would remain within the EU.

Ladbrokes’ head of political betting, Matthew Shaddick explained that even though the majority of gamblers in the market were wagering on “leave”, this didn’t affect the prices, he added that the amounts of money wagered are what count, with a single £10,000 wager counting the same as 10,000 individual bets valued at £1 each.

Ladbrokes reportedly earned a six figure profit on the market despite calling the Brexit result incorrectly. The company attributes this to smaller payouts being made to successful gamblers, as the majority of players who wagered on “leave” did not bet large values.

Betfred reportedly accepted over £1 million in Brexit bets, and earned a small profit on the market, which it described. Still it describes the outcome as “the biggest ever shock in political betting”, especially after all of the big money was on “remain”.

Coral also took £1 million in wagers but balanced its book in such a way that it would have made profit on either of the referendum’s outcomes.

As you can see from the above, the Brexit result took the betting industry as much by surprise as it did the rest of the world and this shows that the commonly held believe that public sentiment is a reliable indicator, is a flawed principle when it comes to betting.

Yet bookmakers seem unperturbed. As Shaddick from Ladrokes noted, bookies do not offer odds on political events to help people forecast the results, they do it to turn a profit or at least not lose much. He added, “Nobody at Ladbrokes’ HQ will be criticising the predictive powers of our odds, they’ll be looking at the money we made“.

Bookmakers weren’t the only ones surprised and left reeling after the Brexit vote, some rather noteworthy financial magnates like George Soros were too.

George Soros, a hedge fund boss and veritable gambling legend earned his place in the gambling hall of fame, being dubbed “The man who broke the Bank of England” when he bet that the Pound Sterling would fall in 1992.

Soros short-sold more than £7.6 billion in currency at the time, which meant that if his prediction was correct, he’d make money when the Pound’s value fell. The bet paid off and when the UK fell out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and consequently the value of the Pound fell, Soros walked away with a profit of £760 million.

Soros hoped to repeat his good fortune over two decades later on the Brexit vote, but he failed to repeat the feat this time around. According to a spokesperson for Soros, like most prudent investors, Soros put his money on the UK voting to remain part of the EU, and predicted that the Pound would rise as a result. Unfortunately the vote didn’t go the way of the general sentiment but according to sources, Soros’ generally bearish outlook on the markets afforded him profits on other investments.

Soros, now aged 85, warned that the British economy and people stand to suffer significantly in the short to medium term due to the decision to leave the EU. He added that the disintegration of the EU was practically irreversible.

Betting on Brexit


Playing the financial markets like the game of blackjack is a skilled and calculated form of gambling. It is no wonder then that the UK’s major bookmakers include a number of financial and often political bets within their spreads.

One subject of debate in both the financial and gambling markets is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, also known as Brexit (British Exit). Various financial institutions are offering clients the option to insure against Brexit losses caused by currency depreciation should the UK take the decision to exit the European Union. According to financial experts, the Pound will drop approximately 20% to the Euro should the UK exit the EU. Furthermore economic decline and falling stock prices are also expected should the exit decision be made and along with these there are of course rumours of recession and war being whispered in certain circles.

For those invested in the markets, insurance options may not seem like such a bad idea in an attempt to hedge bets and cover any losses that may be incurred should the Brexit take place. Of course, this cover like any other form of insurance cover does come at a price. In deciding whether or not to take the option investors have to examine their portfolios in order to ascertain whether or not they can realistically weather such an event or not, without the aid of some type of insurance.

Brexit bettingBetting odds on Brexit are being offered by a number of the UK’s major bookies with betting and polls favouring the UK remaining in the EU

The financial industry is not the only party interested in the outcomes of Brexit. British bookmakers like Betfair are offering odds on Brexit too, with 15 million Pounds matched on the market to date. This means that as an investor instead of selling your British currency or buying stock put options, if you’re a true gambler, you could also spend your money at the bookies with the potential to earn 5.5 times the money back if the UK votes to leave the EU. Talk about an insurance policy!

The latest polls and betting options do however favour the Britons voting to “remain” in the EU come election time on June 23rd. In fact, Betfair punters are so convinced that the UK will remain a member of the EU that Remain odds are down to 1.21, the lowest price yet with Leave coming in at 5.5 in the most recent numbers. The polls are also in tune with the betting, with Ipsos MORI and ComRes both giving Remain leads of over 10% and YouGov’s latest echoing these sentiments.

Yet the issue remains a passionate point of debate with proponents from each side vigorously arguing their case. With just under a month to go until Britons return to the polls it will remain a very interesting topic to follow.

What Research Reveals About UK Gamblers

UK gambling

Gambling is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes – from horse racing to playing casino games like blackjack and slots, at land based betting shops and on mobile and online casinos, you’ll find people of all ages and backgrounds indulging in placing their bets and enjoying the entertainment value that follows.

It’s no wonder then that research firms have gone to great lengths to examine this hobby and gain insights into the various aspects of it…and the findings. Here we’ll take a look at what the stats say about who is doing what, where and when, when it comes to the UK’s gambling activities. We’re sure you’ll be thoroughly surprised and entertained, even if you’re not really a numbers person.

Finding # 1: This is how the UK gambles

78% of the UK’s population enjoys gambling in one form or another. The top forms of betting are as follows:

  1. National Lottery
  2. Other Lotteries
  3. Scratch Cards
  4. Horse Racing bets (The Grand National is the biggest horse race betting attraction with £350 million in wagers each year and 500 million spectators across the globe)
  5. Slot machines

Finding #2 Women are better gamblers!

Not only do men and women play different casino games, UK men also gamble more than their female counterparts, with 75% of males participating in some form of betting, 71% of women indulge in gambling and generally win more in online casinos than men per wager by around 5%.

Finding #3: Marriage affects our Gambling Habits

According the findings of a number of surveys, people who are married or who have been married tend to gamble more.

Finding #4: Top 5 Places to Gamble

With new advancements in mobile technology we can play at mobile casinos from literally anywhere in the world as long as we have internet connectivity. These however are the top 5 places UK’s 20 million plus players gamble from:

  1. The living room (66%)
  2. The bedroom (45%)
  3. While commuting (33%)
  4. At Work (27%)
  5. The toilet (23%) – yes they admitted it 😉

Finding #5: The best and worst bettors

In terms of the amounts wagered versus the amounts won, London, Liverpool and Manchester have the country’s best players while Leicester, Sheffield and Newcastle have the worst.

Finding #6: Age Matters

The older you get the more likely you are to gamble but the younger you are the more likely you’ll gamble online, although the older age groups are catching up fast. Ultimately however, the 40 to 44 year old age demographic currently forms the most successful segment of gamblers.

Finding #7: The Top 3 Reasons to gamble

1. The chance of winning big (83%)
2. It’s fun (78%)
3. To make money (59%)

And there you have it – some pretty interesting information indeed! Do you want to be a part of the gambling action? Visit Titan Bet Casino now!

The Great British Bake Off Bets halted

The Great British Bake off

The Great British Bake Off is one of the BBC One’s most popular shows, so popular in fact that UK Bookmakers were offering odds on who would win the contest. Yet after a recent suspicious influx of wagers, bookmakers have suspended betting amid fears that the winner’s name has been leaked.

Ladbrokes recently announced that a single punter had originally placed 90% of the bets on a single contestant but there was a sudden flurry of unusual activity which reduced the odds from 12/1 to even money in a few short hours.

The wagers were placed in shops in the Ipswich area even though the contestant they were betting on does not have any ties to Suffolktown. According to staff, various customers visited and asked to wager the highest possible amounts on a single contestant which raised suspicions.

According to the Ladbrokes spokesperson, when the bookmaker sees an influx of wagers for a single contestant at the expense of everyone else, it is a sign to suspend betting to assess the situation and the decision was taken to do so. This will however not affect wagers that have already been placed.

Two years ago there was a similar case when bookmaker Coral feared that someone in the know had leaked the name of the 2013 series winner Frances Quinn.

Filming for this year’s Bake Off has reportedly been completed, so there is a small circle of people who do know the outcome and it is possible that the results could have been leaked, but it’s very difficult to prove at this point. Yet, bookmakers decisions hold firm on suspending betting and once the results are released, odds on the existing bets will be paid out accordingly.

Betting on East Enders a Hot Trend

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched Thursday the 19th’s episode: STOP READING!

East Enders is one of the UK’s highest rated and longest running soap operas, with the first episode being broadcast on the 19th of February 1985. It’s no wonder then that sportbooks and casinos like Betway have picked it up and begun to offer all kinds of odds relating to the storyline.

The most recent of these was around the storyline of who killed Lucy Beale – which, believe it or not, has taken almost a year to unfold! The surprising thing about this plot twist is that even the cast have not been told who it was and while East Enders is usually pre-recorded, the 30th anniversary episode, which aired last night on the 19th of February 2015.

With over 10 million viewers tuning in for the big reveal, these are what the odds looked like prior to Thursday’s episode:

East Enders Betting

And after a lengthy storyline, copious guessing and even fevered betting, Lucy’s younger sibling Bobby Beale was revealed as her murderer, giving those who wagered on him 8 to 1 returns.

One would think that that would pretty much be it for betting odds, but that assumption would just be wrong. And if you happened to have missed placing a wagering on the big “Who killed Lucy” plotline, you haven’t completely missed out as already offshoot odds are being offered by Betway and William Hill including who will be making a guest appearance in an upcoming episode, and the most intriguing of all…who will be killed next?

If East Enders isn’t your thing, Betway also offers a number of other betting specials, including which contestant will win the popular talent show The Voice and who will be the winning coach.

These types of specials are updated on a regular basis according to whatever is hot in pop culture events, TV series and more. It’s really a great change from standard online casino game play, so next time you’re in the mood to have something fun, head on over to Betway and place your bets!

UK Bookmakers suspend bets on Kate giving birth to twins

Will and Kate - are they expecting twins

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is pregnant again and of course as can be expected, as soon as the news broke, betting odds were released on a number of bets relating to the next royal birth. At the forefront was Kate having twins, but UK bookies have slashed these odds after a sudden surge in wagers, prompting fears that bettors had some kind of inside knowledge on the subject.

Betting on a double royal duo could now pay as little as 5:2 at some bookmakers while William Hill has suspended wagering pertaining to twins entirely after suddenly receiving 200 bets in just over an hour.

Coral and Ladbrokes reportedly also experienced a mysterious surge of bets and slashed odds from 20:1 to 8:1 while Paddy Power also cut its odds to a mere 5:2.

Interestingly, even after the odds were halved, a Hampshire based psychic placed a £500 wager on the twin birth bet.

All bookmakers report royal betting on twins being the source of the big money bets and with such a sudden surge in gambling on the subject, as well as a number of new accounts being created, owners admit to fearing that someone knows something they don’t.

Betting on Royal twins is not the only option on offer to punters, there are a number of special wagers available including betting on the sex of the baby as well as the name. The odds on the names are as follows:


Elizabeth: 7:2
Victoria: 12:1
Alexandra: 14:1
Catherine: 16:1
Diana: 20:1


James: 12:1
Philip: 14:1
Henry: 16:1
Alexander: 20:1
Charles: 20:1

There are also bets on who will be the god parents of the new addition/s with David Cameron and Boris Johnson at 50:1 outsiders for the role.

There are also odds on Royal triplets at a remote 100:1 – as a trio would be a history making royal first.

Bettors should still be wary of placing the twins bet though as odds were slashed in the Duchess’s first pregnancy, even though experts insisted that her age and the fact that she suffered from rare, severe morning sickness raised the odds of being pregnant with twins.

Multiple births have not been a common occurrence in British lineage with the last British Royal Twins being born in the 15th century when Queen Joan, wife of James 1 of Scotland giving birth to twin sons. The elder of the two Alexander was named heir to the throne but died early in life and after his father was killed, the younger twin James assumed the title of King James II of Scotland.

In other parts of the world, the Danish Crown Prince and Princess, Frederik and Mary were the proud parents of twins Josephine and Vincent who were born in 2011.

No matter what the outcome, we’re sure to see a number of bets being placed on the future Royal baby/babies. But if betting on these types of things is not your thing, you can still play your favourite casino games at William Hill Casino Club and have even better chances of winning!

Paddy Powers Oscar Odds & Advert Cause Outrage

Paddy Power Oscar Ad

Paddy Power is renowned for their controversial betting odds offered on everything from sports matches to betting on the name of the Royal baby as well as the ad campaigns that accompany these odds. Their latest campaign however is nothing short of tasteless, sparking outrage and backlash across the globe by making light of the current Oscar Pistorius murder trial which involves the death of Reeva Steenkamp.

The copy of the advert (pictured here) reads “It’s Oscar Time. Money Back if He Walks. We will Refund All Losing Bets on the Oscar Pistorius Trial if he is found not guilty“.

Accompanying the text is a mock-up of the Para Olympian’s head on top of the Academy Award statue presented to winners of the recently held Oscar Awards.

To date more than 110,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the offensive advert to be withdrawn. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority investigated the matter after receiving more than 5,200 complaints, making it the most complained about advert in UK history.

Paddy Power had already come under fire with the launch of its trial outcome odds with 7:4 for a guilty verdict and 2:5 for a not guilty verdict which were slammed as “vile” and “disgusting” by social media users. Tom Watson, MP of the English Labour Party added his voice to the issues tweeting that Reeva Steenkamp’s death is not a sport.

In spite of public outrage, according to a company spokesperson Paddy Power had no intention of removing the controversial advert adding that the trial was just a high profile media event and that Paddy Power was giving people the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is.

Jean Hatchett, the woman who started the petition has accused Paddy Power of making light violence against women and insists that this is not something that should be seen as a sport.

In spite of putting up a fight, Paddy Power has been ordered by the ASA to remove the controversial advert with immediate effect even before it’s full official investigation is complete but whether the odds are withdrawn still remains to be seen.

What Paddy Power seems to forget is that Reeva Steenkamp was June and Barry Steenkamp’s daughter, and a friend to many people. She was a young, beautiful woman whose star was on the rise and her life with all its potential was cut tragically short. This is definitely not something that should be taken lightly.

It’s this kind of conduct that gives the gambling industry a bad name and we hope to see these odds removed from the Paddy Power spread immediately.

Royal Baby Betting Results

Royal Baby

Betting on every aspect surrounding the Royal Baby began upon the announcement that Kate and William where expecting their first child, with bookmakers offering odds on everything from the future heir’s sex to its name and everything in between.

According to CNN, British bookmakers have enjoyed a massive financial windfall as a result of royal baby related bets, racking up over £1.2 million in bets as punters clamoured to get in on the action before the baby was even born! According to William Hill spokesperson Joe Crilly, at £350,000 the company had already far exceeded the figures they had originally anticipated.

Throughout Kate’s pregnancy, punters bets favoured the sex of the baby as female by overwhelming odds, so when the Duchess delivered a son on the 22nd of July, bookmakers everywhere popped the champagne corks in more than just a celebration of the future king’s birth.

However, even once Kate and the new prince left St Mary’s hospital betting continued at a frenzied pace in anticipation of the Royal Baby’s name announcement with 3:1 odds being offered on George as the favourite followed by James at 5:1, Alexander at 9:1, and Louis at 12:1. Long odds bets on names like Philip at 20:1, Edward at 25:1, Francis at 28:1, and David at 33:1 also received attention and wagers from people across the globe.

Now that the baby’s name has been revealed as Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, the tables have turned and punters are celebrating some impressive wins, with a leading bookmaker reportedly paying out six figure sums to lucky winners. While this sum is quite considerable, it will be considerably less of a blow given the profits garnered from all other bets pertaining to the Royal Baby.

And don’t bet on it all being over now that the baby has arrived. Gamblers are already making bets on his future including what will be if his first word (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is offered at 500:1 in case you were wondering ;-), but you may also bet on his future career, and even how old he will be when he visits his first night club. It seems as though his life will be filled with infinite possibilities and betting action at every turn, which just goes to show that if people are interested in putting money on something, the bookies will offer it!

Betting on the Royal Baby Heats Up

Kate Middleton Pregnant

The Royals are once again a hot topic at various sports betting sites in the “special bets” section. With betting on nearly every aspect of their lives from royal weddings to the festivities of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we’ve become accustomed to being able to wager on every detail of Royal life.

So it’s no surprise that while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton are yet to share the sex of their unborn child, it hasn’t prevented bookmakers from offering odds on everything from the sex of their baby to the baby name that the couple will choose.

With Kate’s due date fast approaching, punters are able to select from a variety of bets including the arrival date of the new tot, whether it will be born on the same day as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby, the sex of the royal baby, its hair colour and most popular of all the baby’s name.

In spite of Prince Harry apparently letting it slip that the couple will be having a boy, betting odds contradict this report and girl’s names remain high on the list at Betfair’s Royal Baby Name betting exchange with the top four slots being dedicate to girl’s names with Alexandra being the favourite at 7 to 1, followed by Victoria and Elizabeth at 9.6 to 1 and Diana at 12 to 1. George is the favourite boy’s name but is only in position 5 with 12.5 to 1 odds, followed by another list of girl’s names and James coming in at 22 to 1 odds.

Even in the midst of so much interest and excitement the royal couple have kept things quite low key and haven’t given anything away regarding the sex or name of their baby. On a trip to Glasgow Duchess Kate apparently admitted that they have been considering baby names and have a shortlist for both boys and girls. But with Kate’s due date estimated at somewhere in mid July, the country and rest of the world won’t have to wait long until the details are released.

Oscars and Pope Betting Odds at Leading Sportsbooks

Oscars betting 2013

It wasn’ t in the too distant past that online sportsbooks offered betting options on only sporting events but in recent years we’ve seen the emergence of a wide range of novelty betting lines that cover everything from entertainment to politics, current events and even religion. As such an entirely new breed of betting enthusiasts has evolved and online betting is more successful than ever.

A visit to popular online bookmakers like William hill reveals the latest trends in novelty bets which include the upcoming Oscars (or the 85th annual Academy Awards to be precise) which take place on Sunday the 24th of February in Hollywood, as well as more controversial topics such as who will be the next Pope.

Below we take a look at the various odds each category within these topics is offering.

Best Picture Winner Odds

With so many outstanding recent movie releases, the Best Picture winner category is quite competitive. Odds are as follows:

  • Amour: 100/1
  • Argo: 1/6
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild: 100/1
  • Django Unchained: 66/1
  • Les Miserables: 50/1
  • Life of Pi: 40/1
  • Lincoln: 4/1
  • The Silver Linings Playbook: 40/1
  • Zero Dark Thirty: 80/1

Best Director Winner Odds

  • Ang Lee for Life of Pi: 4/1
  • Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild: 50/1
  • David O. Russell for Silver Linings Playbook: 20/1
  • Michael Haneke for Amour: 12/1
  • Steven Spielberg for Lincoln: 1/5

Best Actress Winner Odds

  • Emannuelle Riva in Amour: 4/1
  • Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook: 4/7
  • Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty : 11/4
  • Naomi Watts in The Impossible: 25/1
  • Quvenzhane Wallis in Beasts Of The Southern Wild: 40/1

Best Actor Winner Odds

  • Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook: 50/1
  • Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln: 1/50
  • Denzel Washington in Flight: 40/1
  • Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables: 16/1
  • Joaquin Phoenix in The Master: 33/1

These are just a few of the categories for the Oscars special bets at William Hill, others include best supporting Actor/Actress, Best Original Song, Best Costume Design, Best Foreign language film and more.

In addition to the Oscars odds, sportsbooks also began offering a betting line on who will succeed Pope Benedict XVI after the 85 year old pontiff abdicated his position last week citing “lack of strength of mind and body“, going down as the first pope to retire in over 600 years.

Next Pope Betting Odds

Who will replace Pope Benedict XVI?

  • Angelo Bagnasco (of Italy) : 12/1
  • Angelo Scola (of Italy) : 7/2
  • Christoph von Schonborn (of Austria) : 12/1
  • Francis Arinze (of Nigeria) : 11/2
  • Gianfranco Ravasi (of Italy) : 12/1
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio (of Argentina) : 20/1
  • Leonardo Sandri (of Argentina) : 8/1
  • Marc Ouellet (of Canada) : 7/2
  • Odilo Pedro Scherer (of Brazil) : 25/1
  • Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (of Ghana) : 11/4
  • Tarcisio Bertone (of Italy) : 7/1
  • Timothy Dolan (of the USA) : 33/1

*Many others feature upon request.

In addition to the above you’ll also find everything from betting on your favourite TV Specials to Royal Specials (Betting on William & Kate’s baby), current affairs like the previously published BBC betting odds more. While novelty bets may seem a little tasteless to some, they provide hours of fun and entertainment to others and are definitely here to stay. If these bets are your cup of tea, then check out William Hill now.