How Progressive Jackpots are triggered

Playing slots means different thing to different people – some play as a form of entertainment, while others play to relax after a stressful day, but no matter what the reason, a common goal amongst slots players is to win massive amounts of cash while enjoying their favourite pastime.

For this reason, players who want to win serious cash generally gravitate towards the progressive jackpot slot machines, which are generally the most popular slots on land based casino floors and in online casinos alike. Not only do these slots offer players the opportunity to win life changing sums of money, but they also present an entirely different and interesting way of playing slots. One very common difference that sets each of these slots apart from others is the way in which their progressive jackpots are hit.

In most traditional online slots games, the progressive jackpot is won when a certain set of symbols (usually a wild linked to the theme of the game) appears on a reel within an active payline. For example, the popular Microgaming powered progressive slot King Cashalot’s jackpot is awarded when the King symbol appears on a specific reel.

Due to the fact that progressive jackpots are by nature exceptionally high in value, often exceeding millions of dollars, software providers or the casino operators, usually set a condition that the player is required to bet the maximum specified value on each spin in order to be eligible for the top level progressive payout. This means that you will need to place a wager on all paylines using the maximum coin values of the highest denominations in order to be eligible for the maximum jackpot payout. Therefore, the progressive jackpot prize is awarded when the predetermined combination of symbols appear on the last active payline.

In Microgaming’s King Cashalot progressive slot, there are a 9 active paylines and the progressive jackpot is only claimed when the 5 King symbols make an appearance on the 9th payline. If however, these symbols appear on any other active payline, then you will receive only the fixed payout of $15,000.

In some progressive games, the jackpot is won due to random events external to the game – in these games there is no need to obtain a specific set of symbols on a specified active payline. This is due to the fact that the software is designed in such a manner that it automatically triggers the progressive jackpot at a specified probability. These types of online slots are said to offer regressive jackpots and are commonly known as Random Progressive Slots Jackpots (RPSJ’s). Cryptologic’s Marvel Hero progressive slots is a great example of this type of game.

In addition to the above mentioned progressive jackpot triggers, there is a third manner in which a jackpot can be hit and that is in a random manner. This differs from the aforementioned two in that it is hit when a specific event occurs within the bonus game of this progressive slot. This type of bonus game is activated randomly rather than by a certain set of symbols appearing on the reels. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot is a popular example of this type of progressive machine. When playing Mega Moolah, the bonus game is activated randomly and you are required to spin the reel, which stops at the exact position of the progressive jackpot prize.

Data has shown that this type of progressive slot generally inspires players to place higher value bets than they do on its traditional counterparts. It is no coincidence then, that this game’s software is programmed in such a way that the probability of hitting the top jackpot is increased when maximum bets are placed, and players continue to place higher value bets on these types of machines in the hope of winning a life changing amount of money.