All you need to know about Multi-hand Video Poker

Multi-hand Video Poker

In addition to the offering of standard games, many online casinos offer multi-hand versions of popular card games like blackjack and video poker. Once a player has placed his/her bet they are able to play a number of hands within a single game without the need to stake additional wagers. This increases the speed and excitement of game play and makes multi-hand game options very attractive for those who prefer a fast paced instead of leisurely online casino experience.

There are two main differences between multi-hand table games and multi-hand video poker. In the former, players are required to play each hand independently in turn whereas in multi-hand video poker games, players are required to play a single hand only and the effect is transferred to each of the additional hands. Multi-hand table games are also restricted to a maximum of five hands where multi-hand video games offer many varieties up to 100 hands per game.

The format of the multi-hand video poker game will depend on which online casino software provider manufactured it. Playtech and Microgaming offer video poker games with differing number of hands under separate titles which means if you want to adjust the number of hands you’re playing, you’ll need to find a new game. Cryptologic and Rival Gaming on the other hand enable players to select the number of hands they wish to play within the game itself, which for obvious reasons is a great deal more convenient. They also offer a wide range of hand options including 1, 4, 10, 25, 50 and 100 which not all providers do.

Once you have selected the number of hands that you would like to play you’ll generally find that all basic video poker game play is the same across online casinos and providers. You select the coin size and number of coins and place your bet, just the same as you would in single hand video poker. When the games starts, five cards are dealt and appear in the large playing area on your screen. When you hold cards they are marked. Hereafter multi-hand video poker game play deviates from the standard single hand version in that held cards are transferred face up to the corresponding positions in all the hands.

The other cards are not exposed until you click the “Draw” Button which then shows all face down cards in sequence. Each hand is then independently matched to the pay table and if you win the totals are credited to your player account. The majority of casinos offer you the option to double your wins at a zero house edge if you wish to do so but the requirements to do so may differ slightly from one casino to another. The downside to accepting this option is that if you lose you will forfeit the original win, so it is quite a risk.

To assist players in keeping track of what is happening in a multi-hand games, especially when the number of hands exceeds 25, the software will generally display colour coded texts across the hands to help you to easily identify the hand value. A breakdown of the total payout is also available for each hand. Another great feature on offer is that of speed settings whereby you can control the pace at which the game progresses which is great when you want to play the maximum number of hands at the fastest speed possible.

All in all, multi-hand Video Poker games offer players a deviation from the run of the mill video poker game, adding an element of excitement and the potential for huge rewards.