Marvel Themed Slots Under Threat

Marvel Slots Extinction

Marvel themed online slots and casino games have become amongst the most popular games offered by both land based and online casinos in recent years. Titles include everything from Spiderman to sequels like Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin as well as other popular titles like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and everything in between.

Now it seems that Marvel slots enthusiasts may be in for a huge disappointment when the current licensing agreements with games software developers expire as they may not be renewed.

According to reports, the issues began in 2009 when the family focussed Disney Entertainment Group acquired Marvel Comics for $4.4 million. At the time of the acquisition, the deal included all character and brand licensing obligations which were under agreements signed by the original owners with various land as well as online casino software developers, all of whom were using various popular comic book characters in their Marvel themed slots.

Recently, the profits earned by Disney through these lucrative licensing deals have attracted much scrutiny from the media due to the fact that the company has a strong family friendly entertainment image to uphold. Licensing their brands to casino is seen to be somewhat undesirable and as such the company has described the association with casinos as an “unwanted” part of the Marvel acquisition.

As such, it has been reported that Disney plans to sever its ties with slot machines, casino games and lottery tickets as soon as the licensing agreements come up for renewal, stating that Marvel had “signed its last slot machine deal“.

This seems like a risky statement given that more than half of Marvel’s revenue in the past few years has been generated through licensing characters like Iron Man, The Avengers, Spiderman, Wolverine and many others to third party developers of toys, movies, video games, TV series and even lottery tickets, not to mention casinos and online casinos.

While Marvel themed slots players will still have a few years to enjoy the games because the majority of licensing agreements are still in full force, we may not always have them around, which is really a tragedy when you come to think of how much work has gone into creating them and just how popular they have become.

It would seem that even though they produce huge revenues and expand the Marvel brand into completely new sectors, we will not be seeing any new additions to the various online casino games portfolios if Disney has their way. So make sure that you enjoy them while they last!